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Thank you for considering ENPM for your valuation needs.  Whether you require an appraisal of a single family home, apartment building, office building, medial office building, hospital, nursing home, industrial complex, a portfolio of assets, or any other type of real property,  Emminger, Newton, Pigeon & Magyar, Inc. can assist you.

Once contacted, our team of valuation professionals will start immediately on your assignment. Please contact one of the principals of the firm below or email us. We will respond to your request promptly.

  • Joe Emminger
    716.685.0500 Ext. 12
  • Tom Newton
    716.685.0500 Ext. 14
  • Tim Magyar
    716.685.0500 Ext. 26
  • John Zukowski, MAI, SRA, IAO, MRICS
    716.685.0500 Ext. 22
  • Eric Sonnenberger
    716.685.0500 Ext. 19